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SAT Question of the Day

See if you've got what it takes to tackle the new SAT!

  • February 24, 2016

Ready to make Critical Reading your strength on the SAT? Try out SmartyReader's question of the day!


The following reflects a typical purpose question on the SAT, which tests your ability to assess how and why an author is constructing his or her argument:


Human beings are clever, innovative creatures. Throughout history, humans have always developed solutions to whatever problems they’ve run up against. Systems of transportation, medicine, agriculture, energy, and communication are just a handful of areas that humans have built upon for centuries, making them more advanced and efficient.  Yet all of this problem solving does have a downside: many of these systems were created without long-term sustainability in mind.


The fourth sentence ("Yet mind") functions to


A) Explain why problem solving is important

B) Point out a drawback to human evolution

C) Illustrate the effects of pollution

D) Contradict a previous claim


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