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SmartyReader: An Overview

Benefit from our suite of features that propel massive gains on the New SAT Reading & Writing sections

  • February 16, 2016

A lack of critical reading instruction has arguably become the biggest obstacle facing high school students today. According to the National Assessment of Educational project, a daunting two thirds of American students (elementary through high school) read below grade level. When adequately developed, critical reading skills make the process of reading more enjoyable and productive.

SmartyReader is an eReader platform with a mission to improve students’ critical reading skills. We target reading comprehension and critical thinking development, inspiring the cultivation of ihigher-ordered thinking skills necessary in today’s workforce. Smartyreader uses an algorithm that seamlessly adjusts the difficulty of the critical reading exercises users encounter, challenging students to constantly grow as readers and critical thinkers.

SmartyReader’s Features

  • SmartyReader’s benefit begins with Smarticles. The Smartyreader team transforms articles sourced from the New York Times, The Atlantic, and Financial Times into Smarticles by incorporating close-reading questions that facilitate the development of critical analysis necessary to excel on the SAT and ACT.
  • The Flashcard Stack feature allows users to highlight and store vocab words they encounter while reading with a single click. In addition to adding each highlighted word and definition to a flashcard, the surrounding context in which users encountered the word is also stored, reminding users of each word’s proper usage.
  • Our VocabCompanion feature gives users the opportunity to quiz themselves through a matching game based on high frequency vocab words pre-selected from the Smarticles students read.
  • SmartyReader’s teacher account capabilities allow the creation of customized classrooms. Teachers and tutors assign Smarticles based on curricular needs and class reading level and are provided with analytics on each student’s progress.


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