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SAT Question of the Day

See if you've got what it takes to tackle the new SAT!

  • February 18, 2016

Ready to make Critical Reading your strength on the SAT? Try out SmartyReader's question of the day!


The following reflects a typical purpose question on the SAT, which tests your ability to assess how and why an author is constructing his or her argument:


Human beings are clever, innovative creatures. Throughout history, humans have always developed solutions to whatever problems they’ve run up against. Systems of transportation, medicine, agriculture, energy, and communication are just a handful of areas that humans have built upon for centuries, making them more advanced and efficient. Yet all of this problem solving does have a downside: many of these systems were created without long-term sustainability in mind. This has caused substantial problems for future generations as they seek to reverse the damage done to our environment. 


Q1. The reference to different systems (3rd sentence) primarily serves to

A) Analyze the importance of common industries

B) Affirm the superiority of human intelligence

C) Illustrate different ways humans have harnessed their problem solving abilities

D) Point out which areas of innovation have experienced the most progress


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