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SAT Question of the Day

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  • February 22, 2016

Ready to make Critical Reading your strength on the SAT? Try out SmartyReader's question of the day!


The following reflects a typical tone question on the SAT, which tests your ability to assess the tone of a segment with respect to surrounding context and how an author is constructing his or her argument:


As the stereotype of grass-skirted young women dancing to ukulele music became popular in the West, the stereotype took hold, and much of hula's deep cultural history became buried. While grass skirts were not entirely new to Hawaii, they ironically came to symbolize hula and Hawaii in the early 20th century, when hula dancers traveled to the U.S. mainland to dance in vaudeville shows.


The author is thinking about changing the underlined segment to "to flaunt their Hawaiian pizazz". Should she make this change?


A) Yes, because vaudeville performances are no longer a relevant form of entertainment.

B) Yes, because it provides valuable information about the unique style of the dance.

C) No, because the tone is inconsistent and the content is less informative.

D) No, because a vaudeville show already implies the presence of Hawaiian pizazz.


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